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“Little Edo” Kofu Summer Festival


Travel back in time to a bustling castle town of the Edo period
The castle town of Kofu was once a hub for scholars, artists and Kabuki actors travelling from Edo (present-day Tokyo) during the cultural flourishing of Japan during the Edo period, and became known as the “Little Edo” for its metropolitan-like hustle and bustle.

The “Little Edo” Kofu Summer Festival takes place every year in Maizuru Castle Park and the surrounding areas just off the station, recreating the life of the former bustling castle town. Many people come to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere at night when the park is magically lit up by paper lanterns and a spectacular fireworks display lights up the sky for the festival’s finale.
Phone 055-237-5702
Opening TimesEvery year on August 11th
NotesEvents and activities during the festival include:
・Stage performances
・Food stalls
・Water play areas
・Water gun fights
・Stone-wall building activities