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Shosenkyo Gorge

御岳 昇仙峡

Japan's most beautiful gorge, recognized as a National Heritage site
Located north of Kofu, Shosenkyo is said to be the most spectacular gorge in Japan, and its breathtaking natural scenery have made it a unique and popular hiking destination among those who wish to connect with nature without straying too far from Tokyo.
The gorge is registered as a Japan Heritage site as of June 19, 2020.

Visitors can enjoy spectacular views of sheer cliff faces formed through thousands of years of erosion amid uniquely shaped rocks, some of which are said to resemble animals (monkey, turtle, seal...).
A well-maintained trail along the gorge offers serene views of the clear water flowing through the river valley along with a series of delightful highlights, including beautiful dynamic waterfalls and a peaceful lake surrounded by green forests.

The best time to see the gorge's beautiful autumn colors is mid-November for the trail up to Sengataki Waterfall, and late October to early November for the Sengataki Waterfall and Itajiki Valley area; the white cliff surfaces are particularly beautiful in contrast with the red and yellow leaves of the surrounding trees.
Address 〒400-1214 山梨県甲府市高成町
TransportFrom Tokyo, take a bus from Shinjuku station to Kofu (2 hours and 10 minutes, ¥2,200), or take a Kaji or Azusa limited express train from Shinjuku (90 minutes, ¥3,890).

Take a green bus bound for Shosenkyo from bus stop #4 at Kofu station (south entrance) and alight at Shosenkyo-guchi for a breathtaking 2-hour hike through the valley. 30 minutes, ¥590.
Alight at Taki Ue instead for direct access to Sengataki Waterfall (50 minutes, ¥900).

You can also take a taxi for 30 minutes from Kofu station to Nagatorobashi bridge, the full trail's starting point.
Car ParkFree parking is available along the Shosenkyo Green Line:
- Tenjinmori city car park (toilet facilities available): approximately 60 parking spaces
- Green Line public car park* (toilet facilities available): 37 car parking spaces and 10 coach parking spaces
- Shosenkyo Taki Ue city car park (toilet facilities available): approximately 80 parking spaces

*The Green Line public car park tends to be crowded; we recommend considering alternative options during peak season in the fall.
URL Bus timetable to Shosenkyo
NotesThere are two hiking options up to Sengataki Waterfall:
- For the full hiking experience (approximately 2 hours, 6km), begin at the Shosenkyo-guchi bus stop (Nagatorobashi bridge) → 35 minutes to Tenkorin Forest → 10 minutes to Rakanji bridge → 20 minutes to Yume-no-Matsushima → 15 minutes to Ishimon stone gate → 15 minutes to Sengataki Waterfall
- For a shorter, 45-minute hike (2.6km), begin at the Green Line bus stop → 15 minutes to Yume-no-Matsushima → 15 minutes to Ishimon stone gate → 15 minutes to Sengataki Waterfall → 5 minutes to the Taki Ue bus stop