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A 90-minute train ride from Shinjuku brings you to Kofu, the prefectural capital of Yamanashi, home of Mount Fuji!

From Shinjuku you can reach Kofu, the centre of Yamanashi prefecture, in 90 minutes by train or two hours by bus or car. Day trips from Tokyo are also possible.
We recommend taking a JR Chuo express train from Tokyo or Shinjuku stations or an express coach from Shinjuku or Yokohama.

Regional Map

Kofu has very hot summers and cold winters. The large difference in seasonal temperatures is due to the region’s geographic location within a basin surrounded by mountains on either side.
Despite the area’s elevation average temperatures remain relatively high thanks to these geographical surroundings.
The city is easily accessible from Tokyo via a two-hour journey by the JR Chuo express train or expressway coach.

Recommend Information

“Shosenkyo”, one of Japan’s most beautiful gorges

“Shosenkyo” is famous as one of Japan’s most beautiful gorges and is a 30-minute bus ride from Kofu station. Shosenkyo is an officially recognised place of scenic beauty which is almost equivalent to a national natural monument. Visitors can enjoy spectacular scenery throughout the year while walking along the well-maintained trail through the dynamic gorge. Cable car rides offer a magnificent view of Mount Fuji.

Popular local specialties and alcohol products

Kofu offers a range of delicacies unique to the region. Hoto Noodles are an iconic dish of Yamanashi consisting of thick, flat noodles resembling Udon stewed with vegetables in miso soup. Chicken Motsuni is a reasonably priced, hearty dish of soya-braised chicken offal which is a regular winner of Japan’s “B-1 Grand Prix” local food contest.
Yamanashi is home to brewers of excellent sake and whisky benefiting from the region’s clear spring water while it is also known as a leading producer of wine. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of excellent local alcohol products in the city of Kofu.

The city once ruled by the legendary warrior Shingen Takeda, a towering figure for domestic and international samurai fans

Shingen Takeda commanded the strongest cavalry unit in Japan’s civil war period. His forces were said to surpass the combined strength of two of the three unifiers of Japan, Nobunaga Oda and Ieyasu Tokugawa. Locals adored Shingen who was a considerate ruler of Kofu and admired his military and political strength. He was believed to be the only warrior capable of matching the power of the feudal lord Nobunaga Oda. Shingen passed away during his fight to rule the unified nation, leaving this ambition to his son Katsuyori.