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Yumura Onsenkyo Hot Spring Resort

信玄の湯 湯村温泉

A relaxing soak in the footsteps of Lord Shingen and famous Japanese artists
Natural hot springs have been loved by Japanese people since ancient times, for being not only relaxing and refreshing but also benefiting health and beauty.
Here in Kofu, the long and distinguished history of the Yumura Onsenkyo hot springs dates back 1,200 years; the legend says the area was discovered by Kukai –also known as Kobo-Daishi–, the Japanese monk who established the Shingon sect of Buddhism, when he struck the ground with his walking stick, causing a hot spring to gush out.

This well-known resort is known to have been frequently visited by prestigious 16th century Japan warlord and Kofu hero Takeda Shingen, famous ukiyo-e printmaker Hokusai, and a number of acclaimed Japanese writers, among which Dazai Osamu, who would often come on retreats to focus on their writing. The premises are home to a variety of hot spring inns where visitors can enjoy Yamanashi's incredible natural surroundings from the comfort of open air baths and gardens!

Not interested in staying the night? The resort welcomes day visitors looking for a short soak as well. Be sure to ask for a "Yumura-Tegata" pass to enjoy the hot spring baths of Yumura Onsenkyo to the fullest, for a discounted price!
Address 〒400-0073 山梨県甲府市湯村3-10-5
Phone 055-252-2261
PricesFor a day-trip:
・Koboyu: 10:00-15:00 (¥700)
・Yanagiya: 12:00-20:00* (¥1,000)
・Hotel Yoshino: 9:00-21:00 (¥500)
・Ryokan Meiji: 15:00-21:00* (¥700)
・Kofu Kinenbi Hotel: 13:00-22:00* (¥1,500) (16:00-22:00 on Wednesdays)
・Rakusuien: 9:30-19:00 (¥900)
*shortened hours due to COVID-19

The "Yumura-Tegata" pass allows overnight visitors to soak in all the above hot springs for a discounted price of ¥500 per person per facility.
The pass is free for overnight guests, but day-trippers can purchase it for ¥500.
Ask for the pass at your hotel; once you have decided on a place, show the pass at the front desk of the hot spring facility and pay ¥500 each time instead of the standard fee.
Be sure to bring a towel, either your own or from your hotel.
TransportA 12-minute bus ride (¥220) to Yumura Onsenkyo Iriguchi bus stop, or a 10-minute taxi ride from JR Kofu station.
(buses depart from Kofu station every 20~30 minutes)

The Yumura Onsen Ryokan Cooperative Association rents electric bicycles free of charge to overnight guests; please inquire at your hotel.
Yumura Onsenkyo is approximately a 20-minute bicycle ride away from Kofu station, with underground bicycle parking available in the vicinity of the station.
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