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Kai Zenko-ji Temple

甲斐 善光寺

A famous temple founded by the legendary warrior Takeda Shingen
Zenko-ji temple was established in the 16th century by Takeda Shingen, who needed a new place to store the Buddhist treasures held within the original temple of the same name in Nagano prefecture, as he feared they would be destroyed in the heights of the battle that was raging in the area. The temple is home to a number of buildings and cultural treasures that are officially recognized as important cultural properties, and the main hall is among the largest wooden structures in Eastern Japan.

The main altar area features a giant two-headed dragon on the ceiling; it is said you can hear it weep by standing in a special acoustic spot, indicated by footstep prints on the floor, and clapping your hands as hard as you can.

Going further back into the main hall will take you to a corridor where one can experience "Kaidan Meguri": visitors descend into a basement and walk through a pitch dark underground passage, shaped in the character of 心 (kokoro; "heart"/"spirit"), in search of the "key to paradise", a padlock guarding the room with the temple's main object of worship that is believed to grant salvation and wishes to anybody who touches it. This sacred Buddhist image is revealed to the public every 7 years during an event known as "Gokaicho", attracting many worshippers seeking to touch the statue.
Next Gokaicho festival: April 3rd to May 29th, 2022.
Address 〒400-0806 山梨県甲府市善光寺3-36-1
Phone 055-233-7570
Opening Times9AM-4:30PM
PricesEntry into the main altar area/"Kaidan Meguri": ¥500 for adults, ¥250 for elementary school students and below
Transport- 7-minute walk from Zenkoji station on the JR Minobu train line
- 5-minute walk from the Zenkoji Temple Entrance bus stop by bus #90/91/98/99 from the southern exit of Kofu station

Please note that you cannot use your IC card (Pasmo or Suica) to ride on the Minobu line; please purchase your tickets from the machine.