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Shosenkyo Ropeway


Feel on top of the world at the summit of Yasaburo-dake peak!
A 5-minute cable car ride on the Shosenkyo Ropeway takes visitors to a panoramic viewing platform with a direct view of Mount Fuji in the distance. Yakumo shrine, with its striking green roof and red and white exterior, is a popular place to pray for marriage and can be found near the observation deck.
Go down the stairway by the platform to test your aim at the "bell throwing space"; for ¥100, visitors can try tossing a small "fortune bell" into a heart-shaped hole for a chance to have their wishes come true!

A short hiking trail leads to the summit of Yasaburo-dake peak in under 15 minutes, atop a natural platform of solid granite with a 360° view of Mount Fuji and the Southern Alps. The peak is known as a great "power spot" within Yamanashi prefecture, meaning a spiritual place where one can feel in-tune with nature, as it is said that a "dragon vein" –an invisible line carrying energy from the earth in Feng Shui philosophy– flows from Mount Fuji through Yasaburo-dake.

Another place of high spiritual energy is a small shrine dedicated to Wago Gongen, a deity born from the worship of a 350-year-old sacred tree, that attracts many visitors coming to pray for children, marriage and prosperity. A deity called Yasaburo Gongen, a god of sake, is enshrined in a miniature crystal shrine near the summit, and bottles of a highly-acclaimed sake known as "Yasaburo-dake" are sold at the souvenir shop inside the cable car station.
Address 〒400-1217 山梨県甲府市猪狩町441
Phone 055-287-2111
Opening TimesThe cable car departs every 20 minutes (every 5 to 10 minutes during peak hours).
- From April 1st to November 30rd: 9:00 to 17:30 (last gondola up the mountain at 17:10)
- From December 1st to March 31st: 9:00 to 16:30 (last gondola up the mountain at 16:10)
ClosuresOnce a year for maintenance.
Service will be suspended in case of bad weather.
¥1,300 for adults
¥650 for elementary school students and under
Free for 3 years old and under.
NotesPlease use caution on the section leading to Yasaburo-dake peak, as the trail gets steep and slippery. While the monolith at the summit is big enough to accommodate multiple people standing and sitting, keep in mind that there are no safety fences and that venturing out too far on the rock can be dangerous.
Wearing sneakers or hiking shoes is highly recommended.