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Hosen-ji Temple


The beginning and end of the Takeda clan's grandeur
Following the "Five Mountains (gozan)" hierarchical system used to organize and control Buddhist temples in Kyoto and Kamakura, Takeda Shingen chose five temples on the slopes of Mount Atago to be key centers of prayer and learning, calling them the "Kofu Gozan".

Hosen-ji temple is one of them and was built by Takeda Shinobu, a warrior believed to have saved the Takeda clan from decline and laid the foundation for its prosperity. His grave can be found on the premises along with that of Takeda Katsuyori, his descendant and 4th son of legendary samurai Takeda Shingen, who committed suicide and was decapitated after his defeat against Oda Nobunaga in 1582, thus marking the end of the Takedas’ powerful reign.

Katsuyori’s funeral was conducted in Myoshin-ji temple in Kyoto; it is said the high priest of Hosen-ji temple who attended the ceremony brought back some of his hair and teeth with him to Kofu and buried them at the temple, before planting a cherry tree on the gravesite that still blossoms to this day.
Address 〒400-0001 山梨県甲府市和田町2595
Phone 055-252-6128
TransportTake bus #58 bound for Shikishima Danchi (敷島団地) or #3 bound for Shosenkyo-guchi from the south terminal of Kofu station. Alight at Kita-chugakko (北中学校) and walk for 15 minutes.
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