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Nojo-ji Temple


A peaceful zen experience up on the slopes of the Kofu basin
One of the "Kofu Gozan" ("five mountains of Kofu"), a hierarchical system following the one used to organize Buddhist temples in Kyoto and Kamakura, in which Takeda Shingen chose five temples on the slopes of the Kofu basin to be placed under his protection.
Nojo-ji was established by Shingen’s great-great-grandfather, Takeda Nobumori, as a temple of the Rinzai school of Zen Buddhism, and houses his grave. Its principal image of worship is that of Shakyamuni, known as the historical Buddha.
Several objects and documents of historical importance, such as Shingen's roadside prohibition-edict boards and prohibition edicts from Kato Mitsuyasu (a retainer of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, entrusted with building Kofu Castle), are still preserved within the temple to this day.
The precincts are especially beautiful when the peonies (mid-April to early May) and hydrangeas (June) are in bloom.

Upon reservation, visitors can come experience the art of zazen surrounded by the beautiful and peaceful nature on the precincts.
Address 〒400-0808 山梨県甲府市東光寺町2153
Phone 055-233-9396
Opening Times8:30 to 17:00
Transport10-minute walk from Kanente station on the JR Minobu line, or a 10-minute bus ride on bus #90 from the south entrance of Kofu station (alight at Shiritsu Toshokan Iriguchi and walk 10 minutes to the temple).

(Note: the PASMO/Suica train pass cannot be used on the Minobu train line. Please purchase a ticket of the corresponding value at a ticket vending machine or ticket counter beforehand)
URL Bus timetable to Shiritsu Toshokan Iriguchi
NotesZazen reservations need to be made in advance, ideally for a minimum of 3 people. For more information, enquire directly at 055-233-9396 or send an email to