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Grave of Takeda Shingen


The cremation place of Takeda Shingen, the legendary warrior who once ruled over Yamanashi
It is in this now quiet residential area of Kofu city that Takeda Shingen is said to have been cremated, and his remains buried in secret for three years –as per his will– before his demise was to be revealed to his rivals.

Other grave sites dedicated to Shingen all over the country include Erin-ji and Ryuun-ji temple in Yamanashi, Suwa lake in Nagano prefecture, Myoshin-ji temple in Kyoto, Chogaku-ji temple in Nara prefecture, Fukuden-ji temple in Aichi prefecture and Mount Koya in Wakayama prefecture.

The surrounding cherry blossom trees add a peaceful serenity to the site when in bloom during the spring.
Address 〒400-0013 山梨県甲府市岩窪町
TransportWalk 35 minutes from the north side of Kofu station, or take bus #10/11/12 bound for Sekisuiji (積翠寺) from the north side of Kofu station and alight at Gokokujinja-iriguchi (護国神社入り口). Walk 10 minutes to the grave site.
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