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Sadoya Winery


Kofu's most historic winery, at the heart of a southern France-inspired village
With a history stretching back one hundred years to 1917, Sadoya is Kofu's oldest winery, located just a 5-minute trek from the bustling downtown area of Kofu station, in a beautiful village themed after the French wine-making region of Provence.

The winery prides itself on growing the same grape varieties as in the Bordeaux region: Semillon for its white wines and Cabernet Sauvignon for its reds. Its flagship wine, "Château Brillant", can be found in the on-site shop along with the ever-so popular "Kofu Sparkling", made from local yeast and Koshu grapes.

Tours of the winery complete with wine tastings are available in Japanese, and the picturesque estate also houses "Real D’Or", a restaurant inspired by French cuisine where one can enjoy a lavish dinner and a Sommelier-picked wine-tasting course.
Address 〒400-0024 山梨県甲府市北口3-3-24
Phone 055-251-3671
Opening Times10:00-15:00