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Kanazakura Shrine


Good fortune in every sense of the term
Nestled at the top of Shosenkyo Gorge, Kanazakura shrine is one of the main landmarks of the Kofu region, known for its worship of Mount Kinpu. The sacred treasures kept within his walls are the Spheres of Fire and the Spheres of Water, five crystals excavated and polished in the area, and guarding the main hall of the shrine are two "ascending" and "descending" dragons each with a crystal ball entwined in their tail.
As the birthplace of crystal craftsmanship in Japan, Kanazakura shrine is known for its "goshuin" (seals given to visitors of temples and shrines and collected in books called "goshuincho") imprinted using a massive quartz crystal, making for quite the unique souvenir to bring home.

Many people visit the shrine in the spring to see its name-sake tree, the sacred "kanazakura" ("money tree"), of a rare variety of late-blooming cherry trees that produces yellow flowers known as "ukon-zakura" (turmeric cherry blossoms), believed to bestow good luck on visitors’ finances.
While the hundreds of cherry trees planted on the premises typically bloom in mid-April, the ukon-zakura sprouts flowers in late April/early May every year, and the shrine celebrates its full bloom every year with a spring festival featuring century-old rituals and various music and dance performances.

A 15-minute walk on the path paved through the forest behind the shrine leads visitors to a viewing platform where both Mount Fuji and Mount Kinpu can be seen in the distance on a clear day.
Address 〒400-1218 山梨県甲府市御岳町2347
Phone 055-287-2011
Opening TimesDates and details for the 2023 Kanazakura Shrine Cherry Blossom Festival:
- April 22nd & 23rd: Kanazakura Shrine spring rituals, featuring intangible cultural asset "Dai Dai Kagura" (traditional shinto music and dancing)
- April 29th: Dadaiko drum performance
- April 30th: "No-sanba" traditional performance (upper-Kurobera version) & Yosakoi performance
- May 2nd: "No-sanba" traditional performance (lower-Kurobera version)
- May 3rd: Wind band performance (Japanese Aviation High School)
- May 4th: Jazz performance (Fuji Gakuen JHS and SHS)
- May 5th: Cheerleading performance (Kofu Commercial High School)
- May 6th: Concert band performance (Hikawa High School)

*All performances start from 11 a.m.
TransportTake a green bus bound for Shosenkyo from bus stop #4 at Kofu station (south entrance) and alight at Taki Ue (50 minutes, ¥900). Walk 30 minutes to the shrine.
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