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Otaki Waterfall in Itajiki Valley


A secluded waterfall deep within Shosenkyo Gorge
Located in the depths of Shosenkyo Gorge, Otaki Waterfall is a magnificent, 30m (nearly 100ft) tall cascading stream that cuts through the mystical Itajiki valley.
Away from the bustling trails of Shosenkyo, lose yourself in the moment as you take a stroll through this quiet sanctuary of nature and serenity, where time seems to have come at a standstill.
This hidden spot is particularly beautiful in early November when the autumn colours are at their best.

Proper footwear fit for light trekking is recommended due to a number of slippery spots in the area.
Address 〒400-0081 山梨県甲府市帯那町
TransportTake a green bus bound for Shosenkyo from bus stop #4 at Kofu station (South Entrance) and alight at Taki Ue (50 minutes, ¥900).
To ride the "Shosenkyo Omnibus" from Taki Ue to the entrance of Itajiki Valley (¥300), call the following number in advance and tell them when to pick you up from Taki Ue: 055-251-8899 (see the bus timetable below to Taki Ue).

If you cannot speak Japanese but want to make a reservation, stop by the Tourist Information Center (open from 9AM, Chinese and English speakers available) next to the Shosenkyo-bound bus stop before getting on the bus. You can also call the Tourist Information Center directly: 055-226-6978.
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