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Takeda Shrine


Shrine of the famous warrior Shingen Takeda, former ruler of Kofu
Takeda Shrine is a major national historic site built on the castle ruins of the Takeda clan who reigned over Kofu in medieval Japan.
The former castle’s moats and stone walls can still be seen in their original form. A number of locations within the shrine’s precincts are thought by locals to bring good fortune including the princess well and the old pine tree.
The Hobutsuden treasure house exhibits arms and armour of the Takeda clan and is a must see!
A new museum introducing the history of the Takeda clan will open to the public in April 2019.
Address 〒400-0014 山梨県甲府市古府中町2611
Phone 055-252-2609
TransportA 30-minute walk from the north exit of JR Kofu station
A 10-minute bus ride from the north exit of JR Kofu station to Takeda Shrine bus stop
Car Park10 coach parking spaces and 154 car parking spaces available
Car park opens from 9am to 4pm
Free parking