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Takeda Shrine


Shrine dedicated to the famous warlord and former ruler of Kofu Takeda Shingen
One of Kofu's most famous spots, Takeda Shrine is located on a major landmark of Japanese history: the ruins of the Tsutsujigasaki fortified residence, from which three generations of the powerful Takeda clan reigned over Kai province –modern-day Yamanashi prefecture– during Japan's Warring States period in the 16th century.
The stronghold fell into ruins after the clan's demise in 1582 and the center of Kofu shifted south to Maizuru Castle, but some of the original moats and stone walls still remain on the premises of this shrine built in 1919, exactly 400 years after the birth of Kofu, to commemorate its revered leader.
The Homotsuden treasure house exhibits authentic weapons and armor from the Takeda clan, including a sword donated by the family of Shingen's wife.

A number of locations within the shrine’s precincts are thought by locals to bring good fortune, such as the "princess well" and the sacred trident pine tree, whose golden needles come in rare bundles of three said to bring economic prosperity to those who pick them up.

Takeda shrine is an especially popular spot to enjoy the cherry blossoms in the spring, with about 50 cherry trees planted on the site and many more lining the entire 2km-long Takeda-dori street leading to the shrine from Kofu station.

Opposite the shrine grounds is a brand new museum introducing the history of the Takeda clan, opened in April 2019.
Address 〒400-0014 山梨県甲府市古府中町2611
Phone 055-252-2609
TransportA 30-minute walk from the north exit of Kofu station, or a 10-minute bus ride on bus#10/11/12 from the north exit of Kofu station to Takeda Shrine 武田神社 (8 minutes, ¥190).
Car Park10 coach parking spaces and 154 car parking spaces available
The car park opens from 9:00 to 16:00
Free parking
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