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Enko-in Temple


The resting place of Lady Sanjo, the wife of Takeda Shingen
Following the "Five Mountains (gozan)" –moutains meaning temples– hierarchical system used to organize and control Buddhist temples in Kyoto and Kamakura, Takeda Shingen chose five temples on the slopes of Mount Atago to be centers of learning and pray for the safety of the state, calling them the "Kofu Gozan" (”the five mountains of Kofu”).

One of them is Enkoin temple, the grave site of Shingen's wife, Lady Sanjo, whose location Shingen moved from the former town of Isawa (modern-day Fuefuki city) to Tsutsujigasaki in 1560 before placing it under his protection. The temple was renamed Enkoin after Lady Sanjo’s posthumous buddhist name after her death in 1570.

From the temple grounds, visitors can take in a pleasant panoramic view of the Kofu basin and the surrounding mountains.
The grave of Takeda Shingen can be found close by, 400 meters to the south.
Address 〒400-0013 山梨県甲府市岩窪町500-1
Phone 055-253-8144
TransportWalk 35 minutes from the north side of Kofu station, or take bus #10/11/12 bound for Sekisuiji (積翠寺) from the north side of Kofu station for 7 minutes and alight at Gokokujinja-iriguchi (護国神社入り口). Walk 10 minutes to the temple.