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Shiawase-no-Oka "Alliance"


A unique facility home to one of the world’s very few ivory carving museums
Located in southern Kofu, this multi-purpose facility houses an impressive collection with no other equivalent in the world of over 300 carvings made from antique legal elephant tusks –whose trade is prohibited under the Washington Convention–, in an intricate and expansive display of masterful craftmanship. The museum’s most emblematic pieces are a 2.5-meter tall reproduction of World Heritage site Horyu-ji temple’s pagoda in Nara, and the "26-layer carved jewel", one of the 7 wonders of the carving industry, said to have taken 100 years to complete over 3 generations.

The facility grounds also feature "Diamond Table", a restaurant serving authentic French-style cuisine using only local ingredients from Yamanashi, the colossal statue of a fictitious goddess of love and fortune, and a rooftop observation platform overlooking the Kofu basin, deemed one of the best nightview spots in the country.
Address 〒400-1501 山梨県甲府市上曽根町朝日4011
Phone 055-266-5005
Opening Times9:30 to 17:00 
Year-end (29-31 December)
PricesAccess fee to the ivory carving museum and the rooftop observation platform: ¥500 (¥200 for junior high school students, free for elementary school students and under, ¥400 for groups of 15 or more)
TransportTake bus #75 bound for Toyotomi (豊富) from bus stop #4 at the Kofu station south bus terminal, and alight at Miyashita (29 minutes, ¥470). Walk 12 minutes.