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Entaku-ji Temple


A temple believed to ward off evil spirits and misfortune
Located in the Yumura Onsenkyo hot spring resort area, Entaku-ji temple lights up with life and excitement every year in mid-February during the popular Yakuyoke Jizō-son festival, one of Kofu's trademark events.

According to the legend, the guardian deity enshrined at Entaku-ji temple opens its ears to wishes and prayers only once a year, for 24 hours; and because Japanese beliefs have it that certain years in life are particularly unlucky, people in their "calamitous year" ("yakudoshi") come from all over the country on this particular day to be purified from the troubles to come by offering as many one-yen coins or similarly round objects as they are old to the stone statue of the deity.

Aside from receiving protection at the temple, visitors can enjoy a whole day (and night) of exciting festivities in the vicinity of the temple, where numerous stalls selling local products and delicacies set up shop in celebration. Truly a unique winter festival experience!
Address 〒400-0073 山梨県甲府市湯村3-17-2
Phone 055-252-8556
Opening TimesThe Yakuyoke Jizō-son festival takes place for 24 hours every year from noon of February 13th to noon of the following day.
TransportA 12-minute bus ride on bus* #1/3/6/70 from Kofu station. Alight at Yumura Onsen Iriguchi (湯村温泉入り口, ¥220) and walk 8 minutes to the temple.

*The last bus to Kofu station departs from Yumura Onsen Iriguchi at 21:44.