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Omagari-cho Strawberry Orchards


Sweeten your trip with freshly picked strawberries
Omagari-cho in southern Kofu is Yamanashi prefecture’s biggest strawberry production area, blessed with the longest hours of sunlight in the country. Strawberries are grown in greenhouses using both regular soil planting and raised gutters to ensure clean fruits and minimize the strain on the body during picking.

Strawberry picking is one of the most popular winter and springtime activities here in Japan's "fruit kingdom" Yamanashi prefecture; both old and young alike can have fun devouring as many berries as possible within the prescribed time-limit, in the comfort of a warm greenhouse!
All-you-can-eat picking sessions include free condensed milk, for enhanced sweetness.
Address 〒400-0841 山梨県甲府市小曲町1337
Phone 055-243-9608
Opening TimesOpening hours applicable for the 2023 season (reservation-based):
・January 7th to may please enquire directly
TransportTake bus #75/76 from the southern exit of Kofu station and alight at Ochiaishimo 落合下 or Ochiai 落合 (23 minutes, ¥430). Walk 5 to 15 minutes to the orchard of your choice.

Bus 76
- To Ochiaishimo bus stop from Kofu station: 8:26, 11:43*, 13:33, 15:49, 18:04
- To Kofu station from Ochiaishimo bus stop: 9:42, 12:12, 14:47*, 17:32
Bus 75
- To Ochiai bus stop from Kofu station: 8:11, 10:31, 13:11*, 16:01
- To Kofu station from Ochiai bus stop: 8:48, 12:05*, 13:55, 16:11

*not running on weekends
As buses are few and far between on the weekends, we recommend taking a taxi from Kofu station and planning your reservation time in such a way that you can take a bus on the way back.
Notes②Suzuki Orchards (スズキ農園) 090-5323-2991
③Kankoichigoyamashiro Orchards (観光苺山城園) 055-243-1535/090-1432-5447
⑤Ishihara Kanko Orchards (石原観光農園) 055-241-2485/090-4942-6934
⑧Ishihara Orchards (~太陽と大地の恵み~8番石原農場) 090-7840-1486/090-4931-5596
⑩Deino Orchards (出井絹江農園) 090-3148-9871
⑫Masudakazukoichigo Orchards (増田保苺園) 055-241-2552/090-3478-7619