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Mt. Yogaizan Castle Ruins


The secluded stronghold of the Takeda clan, now a National Historic site
As the Takeda clan gradually gained control over the Kai Province –modern-day Yamanashi prefecture– in the 16th century, Takeda Nobutora, father of the famous Takeda Shingen, selected a location near the center of the province on the site of present-day Takeda Shrine to build his fortified residence and establish the city of Kofu in 1519.
Because the place was deemed unsuitable for withstanding a siege, Nobutora chose a nearby moutain (770 meters) to build a supporting castle with strong earthwork fortifications. The castle was eventually abandoned in 1600 after the fall of the Takeda clan, but hikers can still explore the partial remains of the moats and walls.

The Takeda-Fudoson buddhist statue near the summit is said to have been built in the second half of the Edo period (1603 - 1868) to honor the memory and achievements of the Takeda clan.
Address 〒400-0011 山梨県甲府市上積翠寺町984
Phone 055-237-5702
TransportTake bus #12 from the north exit terminal at Kofu station and alight at Sekisui-ji temple (15 minutes, ¥310; 3 buses a day: 7:30, 11:30, 18:30). Walk 15 minutes to the trail entrance (1-hour hike to the top).
Take bus #10/11/12 from the north exit terminal at Kofu station (bus stop #2) and alight at Takeda shrine (8 minutes, ¥190). Walk 5 minutes to the stone steps to Ryuga Pond and take the path diverging into the forest (2-hour hike to the top).
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