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Mt. Shiroyama


A refreshing, scenic hike with splendid views of the Kofu Basin
One of the 25 famous mountains of Kofu, Mt. Shiroyama (also called Mt. Hakusan) is one of the most popular peaks in the area, accessible just a 30-minute trek away from the city center. Its convenient location and breathtaking views of the basin encircled by majestic Mt. Fuji and mountain ranges make for an incredible hiking trip for beginners and trekking aficionados alike, and the perfect escape from the summer heat as you venture through the cooling forest.

The scenery from the summit is one of Kofu's best night views, and many visitors climb up to the shrine there to see the first sunrise of the new year.

Shiroyama translates to "white mountain", due to its high concentration of quartz. As quartz-bearing rocks become weathered, the grains of resistant quartz are concentrated in the soil, giving the mountain its white sandy appearance.
TransportTo the trailhead entrance:
- On foot: Kofu station ⇔ (30-minute walk) ⇔ Midorigaoka Sports Park Gymnasium Parking Lot ⇔ Trailhead entrance
- By bus: Kofu station ⇔ (6-minute bus ride on line 2, 4, 6 or 8, ¥190) ⇔ Shiobe bus stop ⇔ (10-minute walk) ⇔ Midorigaoka Sports Park Gymnasium Parking Lot ⇔ Trailhead entrance

Up the mountain:
Trailhead entrance ⇔ (1 1⁄2-hour hike, follow the signs marking "白山") ⇔ Observation gazebo ⇔ (10-minute hike) ⇔ Hachioji shrine (summit) ⇔ (10-minute walk) ⇔ Chiyoda lake
The Chiyoda lake area is serviced by a bus that runs three times a day back to Kofu station: 7:30, 13:25 and 17:45*
(*the 17:45 bus does not run on weekends and holidays)
URL Bus timetable to Midorigaoka Sports Park (Shiobe bus stop)