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Obina Blueberry Hill

Obina Blueberry Hill

Discover first-hand the one and only true taste of blueberries
Blueberries stop ripening once separated from the plant, and thus only reveal their true taste as they are picked straight from the bush and eaten on the spot; the now owner of Obina Blueberry Hill, Kofu's very first blueberry farm opened in 2020, was amazed to discover an entirely new taste to these fruits when he went blueberry-picking for the first time, and now aspires to teach others the one and only way to enjoy blueberries to the fullest.

Every year from mid-June to mid-August, visitors can come pick their fill of three main varieties of fresh blueberries grown on the farm: northern and southern highbush in July, and rabbiteyes in August (named after the pink hues of maturing fruits, reminiscent of the eye color of a white rabbit).

The trick to getting the most delicious taste out of blueberries? Eating 3 of different varieties all at once, so that their characteristics blend together just right in a burst of sweetness and tart notes!
Address 〒400-0081 山梨県甲府市下帯那町1628-1(カーナビ設定の住所は、甲府市上帯那町295)
Phone 080-1053-1024
Opening Times(2021 season) 8:00 to 3:00 from mid-June to mid-August
ClosuresMondays and Tuesdays

*The farm will be closed in the event of rain
PricesAll-you-can-eat, 40 minutes
・¥1100 for adults, 90 minutes
・¥550 for children of 10 and under
(reservations required)
Transport・Take bus #15 bound for Kami-Obina* (上帯那, 21-minute bus ride) from the north side of Kofu station, alight at Arai-iriguchi (新井入り口) and walk 2 minutes to the farm.
(1 bus departing from the station at 12:47, and departing from Arai-iriguchi bus stop at 13:23)
・Take bus bound for Shosenkyo (bus stop #4) on the south side of Kofu station, alight at Chiyoda-ko (千代田湖, 18-minute bus ride) and walk 15 minutes to the farm.
(10:15, 10:45, 11:25, 12:20, 13:00 from Kofu station, 14:10 and 15:10 from Chiyodako bus stop back to the station)
URL Online reservations (JP)
NotesAs only few buses service the area, one recommended option is to take a bus to the farm and coming back to the city center by going down to Chiyoda lake and hiking your way down Mt. Shiroyama, one of the 25 famous mountains of Kofu, to Midorigaoka Sports Park. 1 1/2-hour hike with beautiful scenic views of the basin, beginner-friendly.
See article on Mt. Shiroyama.