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Welcome to Kofu!
Have you ever had difficulties entering restaurants or shops in Japan because you don’t know the language? In Kofu, such worries are a thing of the past! You will find many spots here with a welcoming atmosphere that will provide help in the form of point-and-speak conversation sheets to help you get of feel for Japanese hospitality, called “Kofu Omotenashi Shops”!
The “Omotenashi Shop” project is a joint initiative between the city of Kofu and local shops, whose label covers a range of places that aim to welcome and provide services to foreign travelers. Shops with this label have a sign out front showing they are part of this initiative, and provide help sheets with information in a variety of languages to help you communicate with the staff, for example through the ordering and paying process. We hope you enjoy your time at Kofu’s various Omotenashi shops!
These sheets provide conversational phrases in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, French, Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese, to help you communicate with the staff when you want to order, ask questions, and pay!
Look for this sign!

Look for this sign!

The shops that are part of this initiative have this sign displayed on their storefront window!